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Devils instinct - AtlusSMT and CapcomDMC yaoi/BL.
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Welcome to Devils Instinct, this community is dedicated to the "yaoi" pairings from the games Shin Megami Tensei series and branch games respectively Devil May Cry, the capcom game where Dante originates from. If you don't know what Yaoi means it is highly adviced that you leave now before you regret going further. Yaoi basically means BoyxBoy on a higher level. It is (not)important to note that moderator poisreverie isn't a hardcore yaoi fan but believes in the motto "Anything for the fans!" so go ahead and post anything you want, just remember to follow the rules before you do.

1. I don't believe in age restrictment, physically anyway. As long as you're mature enough you're welcome. All flaming is strictly prohibited.

2. Please rate and put your entries under LJ-cuts if they're fanfictions or fanarts. That way no friend pages will get messed up nor will we get a surprise while browsing LJ at school/work/wherever.

If you're unsure how to rate your drawings/fics just follow this template:
Type: Fanart/Fanfiction
Title: Should be obvious enough.
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17.
Pairing/Character: If it's a pairing, say for example Dante/Hitoshura just write that. If it's a single character, you know what to do.
Summary/Description: A summary or a description of the fic/art.
Authors note: Anything you might want to mention about the process.

3. It is advised to tag your entries for the archive.

4. All entries that are made must be relevant to the community interests.

Rules are subject to change as I see fit or if you have any suggestions I'm all ears.